Or we could call it the National Junk Food Day eventhough to be fair, burgers are a lot more healthy than Doritos. So! does anyone know all the burger types? c’mon, at least McDonald should have taught you the basics of a hamburger and cheese burger when you were young.

So here is the list of brugers!

1.The Italian Burger! This one is purely delicious with that sauce! yum yum



2.Cheeseburger! i know, this one doesn’t look so special :))


3.The Empire State Burger! Yes, because it has 2 layers of meat and i heard it’s pretty good!


If you want to see more Burger pictures, you know where to click and if you want to download the images ( not for free ofcourse) just click on them and you will be redirected to the download link. Also, if you want to visit the lovely place that actually made these delicious burgers , it’s called Switch.eat from Bucharest, Romania.

Enjoy the stock pictures, lovelies!